Worldwide Reach for Global Health

Reaching 20+ countries globally, Metagenics with GrowBaby are working to educate healthcare providers with an emerging certification program, supported by a large scale online provider platform that enhances the implementation and unique management of every individual patient. Genetic makeup, nutrition, lifestyle, and guidance will all be integrated into a seamless experience to address the maternal and fetal needs of pregnancy and into postpartum and the first 1000 days of a child's life.

Non-Profit Work

Although Oregon has the lowest rates of preterm birth in the US, the rates of poverty and medicaid dollars spent on pregnancy statewide matches those throughout the country. And the rates of preterm birth differ dramatically by race/ethinicity. GrowBaby's grant work looks to even the odds by providing access to a different kind of prenatal care to ALL women and children. Although access to maternal healthcare increased by 3.3 million women in 2017, rates of complications did not decrease. We have to change the care we give.