October 25, 2014
Webinar: Introduction to the Second Trimester

You've made it! Hopefully you are are past the morning sickness, mood imbalance, and severe fatigue. This is the trimester that most women would live for over and over again. You can still sleep well, your body still feels like yours, you have your usual energy and yourself back, food actually sounds good, even greens and chicken.

So, let's get to it! Let's keep you as healthy as can be, while promoting health in your baby. We will cover only protein requirements today, as they do increase from the 1st trimester. Remember moms that protein is a big requirement for your pregnancy health and meeting your new needs will help you daily. The equation is simple!

1.1 grams / kilogram of your body weight

This is what is looks like:

145 lbs divided by 2.2 = 65.9 kilograms

65.9 kilograms X 1.1 grams = 72.49 grams

72.49 grams divided by 7 ounces = 10.3 ounces daily (or 10.3 servings daily)

You can reach this goal in a variety of ways. If 1 serving of protein is 7 grams of protein, then you can reach your needs by choosing foods like nuts and seeds, animal protein, legumes, and dairy. Examples of protein servings are as follows:

Nuts and seeds: 1/4 cup=1 serving of protein
Legumes: 1/2 cup=1 serving of protein
Animal Protein: 1 oz=1 serving of protein (remember the palm of your hand/deck of cards=3 oz or 3 servings)
1 egg=1 serving of protein
Tofu/Tempeh: 1/2 cup=1 serving of protein
Dairy: 1/2 cup of yogurt=1 serving of protein

As you can see, if you mix and match your protein rich foods daily, you'll meet your daily requirement in no time!

Having twins? Add 25 additional grams daily
Having triplets? Add 50 additional grams daily

Have a happy and healthy day!

Watch the video here on Vimeo.

Posted on Oct 25, 2014