September 30, 2015
Making Sense of SNPs
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Check out this awesome article printed in the October Issue of Experience Life. Dr. Michael Stone is interviewed about how genetics can play a role in your health, and how nutrition and lifestyle choices can help you find your balance! You are not doomed by your genes!

Genetics might load the gun, but environment can pull the trigger,” says P. Michael Stone, MD, MS, IFMPC, a family physician in Ashland, Ore., and a faculty member at the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Focusing your eating to support your unique genetic makeup — and account for its potential weaknesses — can be one way to set the safety on that gun, he explains.

We know that, for virtually any condition, there can be improvement with nutritional intervention. And if we know more about a person’s SNPs, there is often a specific and detailed list of nutrients and foods that can markedly improve the trajectory to health.


Stone says patients often arrive at his clinic with the results from their nutrigenomic testing panels in hand, asking for help with what to do next.

To create effective action plans, we look not just at their genetics but also at their lifestyle, including nutrition, sleep, relaxation, and resilience,” he says. Stone has developed what he calls a therapeutic alliance with in-clinic nutritionists to help with diet change and education.

My job is the view from the stethoscope, and their job is the view from the fork; together we support the patient in his or her healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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Posted on Sep 30, 2015