September 08, 2014
GrowBaby Transformation: Shawna Smith

Listen to the amazing health transformation one mother had from her first pregnancy to her third. Shawna will walk you through her personal health journey, how nutrition and prenatal supplements (preGenesis) made a difference, and why she will never doubt the power of nutrition again.

Shawna was able to manage her anxiety, stop taking steroids for asthma, manage her blood pressure, obliterate the risk of reoccurring HELLP (H -- hemolysis (the breakdown of red blood cells); EL -- elevated liver enzymes; LP -- low platelet count) syndrome, and increase gestational weight of baby #3, all by taking in the right nutrients when it mattered most. PreGenesis prenatal pack, GrowBaby nutrition, and Shawna’s motivation changed her health, and the health her baby forever.

Watch the video here on Vimeo.

Posted on Sep 08, 2014